Friday, February 5, 2016

Affinity for Ballet

I have always been fascinated by this beautiful graceful world of ballet.  At and early age, I told my mom I wanted to dance and took ballet lessons, but didn't stick with them.  I don't really remember why I stopped, as I was about 6 I think when I tried it.  As I got older, I continued my love for ballet and would read books about it.  I remember getting a book about professional ballet dancers from my parents or family member and I wore that book out.  I had a poster of a ballerina that was on my wall for years, at home and at college.  Today, I am a season ticket holder to America's oldest ballet company - the San Francisco Ballet and I enjoy each and every performance.  I've been to some dancer q/a that they offer after the performances and find it fascinating to hear the dancers talk about their work.

Tonight I found a documentary series produced by Sarah Jessica Parker that I didn't know existed.  I also didn't know that she also had an affinity for ballet.  I'm excited to watch the series :)

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