Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Masculine / Feminine

I believe there are two primary sources of energy within us - Masculine and Feminine.  Marianne Williamson said "A man 'majors' in Masculine and 'minors' in Feminine, conversely, a woman 'majors' in Feminine and 'minors' in Masculine."  This allows us to understand each other to an extent, but more importantly, because of our polarity, allows our energies to be pulled together in an extraordinary way, both physically and mentally, while connecting at a spiritual degree which brings us to new heights and depths which are difficult to express in words.  

When a man and woman come together authentically and with a strong pull to each other,  their energies seem to build around each other, enter-twining and ultimately creating a connection that is full of great passion and intense love.  Their polarities pull them together even more, inciting them to explode their desire, transforming into more sensuous, lascivious and passion for each other as they allow themselves to fully trust into themselves and each other, resting in their own authentic beings while expanding into the magic of their union.

I went to see a movie today which awakened my heart to a new level.  As I began to let go and allow my heart to expand and grow, I was made aware of my own divine beauty and depth.  I recognized how I am truly a deeply loving woman who's heart and soul is filled to the brim and overflows to those I care about, meandering it's way through and between all the amazing wonderful people in my life, touching their souls and gaining energy through their love as well.  I can feel my heart opening more and more, yearning for my divine counterpart, the masculine who sees and feels the depth and breadth of who I am.

He dances with my energy, allows it to breathe and live and encourages me to be more authentic and loving and open and passionate.  He provides the space in which I need to be, standing confident and strong, holding me with tenderness and warmth. He devours my body, mind and soul as he ravishes me, taking me as his because we are deeply connected.  He is able to open himself to be more passionate, more understanding, more giving and more loving to himself overflowing to his divine feminine, me.

We build a foundation of trust borne out of authentic living, allowing each other to be exactly who we are and truly honoring the intelligence, witnessing the beauty and encouraging the growth of our beings, connecting in a profound way.  He may not always understand my eternal optimism, boundless need to forgive, learn, expand, grow and love others in many capacities - yet he does always honor it all as he honors the authentic me.  Conversely, I may not always understand him, but will always honor who he is as well.

I do want a man who is able to open himself in ways he's never done with another.  Able to let down his guard and be himself in all ways in front of me.  Who can allow me to be completely and utterly me, no excuses, no disapproval, no pressure to be any different.  He accepts me for exactly who I am, even the parts of me he's not fond of.

 I want a man who wants to create a relationship unlike he's never had before.  Something passionate, deep and beautiful.  Sensual, adventurous, intellectual, encouraging and highly sexual.  We are able to express our feelings without judgement and with total freedom.  We figure out ways to communicate the tough stuff, and are absolutely into each other without any apologies.

 If he can see me for who I am in front of him, not anyone else - and allow himself to be inspired to live and love in a big way - no apologies, he might just be the man of my dreams.

-Originally posted November 17, 2012 at 12:19am